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What is the Minecraft Structure Planner?

Minecraft Structure Planner is a companion application for the insanely popular sandbox game Minecraft.  The Structure planner allows anyone to quickly and easily create a variety of structures for building in the game,  Structures are defined using a simple set of number fields, texture drop-downs, or option check boxes, and the results are then displayed in three different ways:

  • A height map, showing you exactly how high each piece of your structure will be,
  • A layer-by-layer plan view that shows you very clearly how to build your structure from the ground up, as well as the exact amount of each building material required during construction,
  • A 3D view of your newly created structure, giving you an accurate idea of exactly how it'll look when it's finally completed in-game.

Detailed information on the Structure Planner can be found on our Tutorials and Troubleshooting pages.

Download links and instructions on how to install the application can be found on our download page.

If you want to keep up with the latest Structure Planner news, or would just like to leave a comment or suggestion, please pay a visit to our development blog.

If you'd just like to leave a message, please feel free to pop over and sign my guestbook

For the interactive forums discussing development and use of the Minecraft Structure Planner, please visit the forums.

The Minecraft Structure Planner is an entirely voluntary effort, and written using hundreds of hours of my own time.  If you enjoy using my application and would like to help prevent me from having to sell my children to medical research, please consider donating towards its further development.  All amounts very gratefully received.

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