Installing the Minecraft Structure Planner


Before downloading this software please be sure to read the license agreement.
If you do not agree to abide by the terms of the license please stop now.


To download and run the Minecraft Structure Planner application you're going to need two things:

1. Minecraft Structure Planner

This is the easiest part of the installation process.  All you need to run the application now is a copy of the Minecraft Structure Planner JAR file.  You can find the latest version of the application here.

The JAR file is runnable, so if you've installed Java correctly then simply double-clicking it (if you're on a Windows machine) will open the Minecraft Structure Planner application.  If you're on a Mac, or running under a Linux variant, then you may need to select the JAR file and 'open with Java.' 

Windows users:  You can  Grab the Windows executable from here.  This executable wraps the standard Minecraft Structure Planner JAR file and does some useful things, like setting your initial heap size to 10% of free memory and your maximum heap size to 90% of free memory.

I heard you need Java-3D?

You do, but as of version 0.99.6 it's bundled in the JAR file.  The Structure Planner will automatically determine the type of machine and Operating System that you're running on and will load the correct libraries for you.

2. Java SE Runtime Environment

Mac Users:

If you're using OS X then you already have a Java JRE installed.  You don't need to do this step.

Everyone Else:

This is the installation that's responsible for running Java applications on your system.  Unless you've played minecraft exclusively in your browser you've almost certainly got a Java Runtime Environment (or JRE for short) installed on your system.  Still, it's not a bad idea to update to the latest version:

  1. Go to the Java JRE download site.  You'll see that you have the option to download a JRE, or a JDK (Java Development Kit.)  Unless you're planning on doing some Java development you should choose the latest JRE download.
  2. Select the platform that you're going to be running the Minecraft Structure Planner on, check the 'I agree to the license' check box, and click the 'Continue' button.

  3. Click on the first available file presented on the download page, allow the program to download, then run it.  Java will then be automatically installed on your machine.

The Minecraft Structure Planner has been developed over many months and hundreds of coding hours on an entirely voluntary basis.  If you like the application, please consider making a donation to the ongoing development effort.

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